Best Trimmer For Men Under 1000

Best Trimmer For Men Under 1000 In 2023

Best Trimmer For Men – In the run-of-the-mill life, we do not get time to go to the barber to get make a beard, So everyone wants to buy a good trimmer, but due to the many options in the market, they do not understand which trimmer they should buy.

Because there are many such trimmers in the market which are not perfect at all, do not give service at all, if you buy them, then you regret a lot and they get damaged soon and they do not have battery backup, for this, we have brought the solution in this article, we have brought three of the best most popular trimmers for you.

3 Best Trimmer For Men Under 1000

Friends, below we, have brought the three best trimmers for you, although we could have increased this list even more, there is no use because everybody wants to buy a good trimmer.

Because we know that in this list, most of your attention will be on the number one trimmer, but remember that all the trimmers in this list All timmers are best according to their features and price.

Friends, we believe that we buy anything once and do not buy it again and again, so you are looking for a good trimmer under 1000, but in this list, one trimmer Philips BT1232 has a price of rs 895 and the rest of the trimmers price is a bit high, but there are quite popular If your budget is a bit high then you can go from them.

3 Best Trimmer For Men Under 1000

Best TrimmerPrice
Philips BT1232Rs – 975
Philips MG3710/65Rs -1655
Mi Waterproof IPX7Rs – 1649
Best Trimmer

1. Philips BT1232

best trimmer for men under 1000

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If you also want to buy the best and budget-friendly trimmer, then the trimmer will be the best for you. At number one we have kept the Philips BT1232 trimmer which is very popular and its service is very good,

This is the best-selling trimmer in the market, you get to see a lot of features in it, this is budget friendly trimmer, and you can do skin-friendly trim with the help of SkinProtect Comb, it has self-sharpening steel blades Due to which the blades sharpness of your trimmer remains for a long time.

You can use the trimmer for up to 8 hours on a single charge, you will have 2 years product warranty as well.


  • Budget Friendly.
  • SkinProtect Comb
  • Long Battery Backup
  • Quick and Versatile Charging
  • Skin-friendly technology
  • Self-sharpening steel blades
  • 2 Years Product warranty

2. Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG3710/65

best trimmer for men

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This trimmer is a new model from Philips, it will be a bit expensive but it has a lot of features, If your budget is a little more than a thousand, then this trimmer is going to be the best option for you.

This is 9 in one trimmer, it has 9 types of settings so that you can cut your face, your head and your body hair as well, you will not need any kind of oil in the trimmer.

In this, you will get 8 different types of combs, you can use each comb according to your needs, and nonslip rubber is used to prevent the trimmer from slipping,In this you also get to see 3 years warranty.


  • 9-in-1 all-in-one trimmer
  • 7 impact-resistant combs 2 stubble combs
  • 3 years warranty
  • Self-sharpening steel blades
  • no-slip rubber grip
  • Good battery backup

3. MI Waterproof IPX7

best trimmer for men

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We have kept this trimmer of Mi at number three in the list of best trimmers, If you also want to buy a good and branded trimmer, then this can be a great option for you, this trimmer comes with long-lasting battery backup

This trimmer is waterproof, you can soak it in water and 3 indicators are provided to detect charging, it has a Corded/cordless option with the help with you can use it even while plugging it in, it has a travel lock so that after charging it for 5 minutes, you get 10 minutes of working time.


  • Iwater proof
  • 40 length
  • Travel lock
  • Corded/
    cordless usage
  • Perfect grip

3 Best Trimmer For Men Under 1000


in this article, we have told about Best Trimmer For Men Under 1000, Hope you have now understood which trimmer you should buy, then you can buy any trimmer from this list, all trimmers are best in their place.

You will find some trimmers slightly above 1000, but somewhere that quality is their best, so you can go towards them. if you have liked this article, then you can share it with friends and family members so they can buy the best trimmer.

Which trimmer is best under 1000?

These are the best trimmer under 1000 -1. Philips BT1232 2. Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG3710/65 3. MI Waterproof IPX7

Which trimmer is best for men in India?

Here is the list of best trimmer brands Philips, Mi, Syska etc.

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