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How to create your job profile on

create your job profile on – nowadays it is very difficult to get a job many people search for jobs online, You can find many such platforms online where you can apply for different jobs by creating your profile on those platforms.

Although there are many online platforms on which You can create a profile, among them is one of the most popular and reliable platforms where you can get a job by creating your profile, so today in this entire article I will tell you all the information How to create your job profile on

before knowing how to create a profile on, let’s see something about

What is is a very popular platform where big companies create their profiles and post job information and those who want to get jobs create their profiles on this platform and apply to those companies.

This is India’s very popular platform for jobs, here it lists different categories of private jobs, where people search different job categories and apply for jobs they like.

If you also want to get a job, then you can also apply for jobs by creating your profile on, below you can know how you can create a professional profile on

How to create your job profile on step by step

To create a profile on, first, you have to create your account on, so let’s know how to create an account on

How to create an account on

  • Step.1 – Open Browse on and search “”
  • Step.2 – Click on the First Website “”
  • Step.3 – Click on the signup button.
  • Step.4 – Enter your Email id or Mobile number and Click to “Create new account”
  • Step.5 – Enter all details like Name, email, mobile number, password etc.
  • Step.6 – After Filling in all details click on “signup”
  • Step.7- Enter the OTP which has been sent by to your mail id or mobile number
  • Step.8 – Now your account has been created successfully

Now you have to log In to your account

Create your job profile on

STEP – 1

Log into your account by using your user and password as you can see in the image.

log in into account

Image Source –


After logging into your account, you will see a dashboard, you will have to click on view profile as you can see below image.

Screenshot 2023 06 21 150603 1

Image Source –

Step. 3

After clicking to view the profile, your profile page will open, first change the basic details like – name, profile image, experience, salary, location for this you will have to click on edit as you can below the image.

Screenshot 2023 06 21 152241 1

Step. 4

After filling in all details come to the below section there you will have to upload your resume, if you don’t have one and you want to create then click the below link there I have told you how you can create a professional resume just drag and drop features

How To Create A Professional Resume in Canva


after uploading your resume, now you will have to fill all details step by step like – resume headline, skills, Employment, Education etc. you can see all sections in a quick link option, the help of a quick link you can go directly to that particular section as you can see below image.

Screenshot 2023 06 21 153119 1

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After filling the details in the entire section, see on your photo that how many percent you have completed your job profile, if it is showing hundred percent complete, then you have made your profile hundred percent.

Note – if your profile not showing 100% then try to make it 100% because This increases your chances of getting more and more job offers.

create your job profile on


in this article, we have told about How to create your job profile on, if you like this article then share this with your friends and family members.

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