how to Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc

How To Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc

Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc – Instagram recently launched a reels feature in the app, there are many apps where you can create a short video and also on reels as well, Instagram reels getting popular now these months, and many people started making reels on Instagram.

Many people want to Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc, but they are facing some problems with Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc, don’t worry in this article we will tell you how to upload reels on Instagram from Pc, before moving forward if you don’t know what are Instagram reels then let’s know about this.

What are Instagram reels?

Now these days short videos crazily increased, and many people love to watch short videos and make short videos, so there are many apps or platforms available on the internet where you can make short videos.

but most of the people making short videos on the Instagram platform, Instagram is a social media platform, and it has launched a new feature called reels, where you can create and upload short videos.

How To Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc

For uploading Instagram reels you must have an account on Instagram, for making an account on Instagram you can visit the Instagram website or Instagram app Download from the app store.

  • Step.1 – Open Browse on the pc and search “Instagram”
  • Step.2 – Click on the First Website “”
  • Step.3 – Enter Your User and Password to log into your account.
  • Step.4 – Click to Create Option on the left side menu.
  • Step.5 – Click on “Select from Computer” and Select your Short Video File.
  • Step.6 – Change your video size by clicking on your video left side bottom option.
  • Step.7 – Set your video aspect ratio to 9:16 and click on next.
  • Step.8 – Set Cover Photo, caption, tags etc. and click to share.
  • Step.9 – Your Video will share as a reel.

above I have told in the uploading reels in short summary, if you want to get to know the full detail of each and every step then you can see below.

How To Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc Step by Step Full Details

Step.1 Step.1 – To upload reels on Instagram from pc first of all, you will have to visit the Instagram website so for this open your browser on your pc and search in the web browser “Instagram” as you can see below image.

search on google Instagram

Image Source – Google

Step.2 – After searching “Instagram” on Google and then click on the first website, the Instagram website will be open then there you will have to enter your account user and password then you just simply click to “Log In” You can see the below image.

log in into instagram

Image source – Google

Step.3 – After logging into Instagram, you will have a dashboard where you will have posts and a menu on the left side, for uploading reels from a PC click on “Create” as you can see below Image.

Screenshot 2023 06 19 143351 1

Image Soure – Instagram

Step.4 – After clicking on the create button, A box Section will open, where you will have the option “Select from Computer” Click on that option and choose the short video which you want to upload as a reel, as you can see in the image.

Screenshot 2023 06 19 144735 1

Image Source – Instagram

Step.5 – After uploading the video, you will have to change the size of that video, set the size to that video 9:16 aspect ratio, for changing the size click on your video left side bottom option as you can see below image.

click here instagram

Image Source – Instagram

Step.6 – After Setting the size of the video to 9:16 click to the next, choose a cover image for your video and fill caption etc. then click on the share button as you can see in the image.

click to share instagram

Image Source – Instagram

As soon as you will click on the share button your reel will share


in this article, we have told about How To Upload Reels On Instagram From Pc, if you like this article then share this with your friends and family members.

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