How to make a good youtube banner

How To Create Youtube Banner Free 2023

Create Youtube Banner Free 2023 – Many people have youtube channels but they do not have a good youtube banner even though many people did not make youtube banners yet, in this article I will tell you how to make a good youtube banner absolutely free.

before knowing how to make a youtube banner lets us know why it is important to create a YouTube banner.

Why it is important to create YouTube banner?

youtube banner increases the visibility of your brand, the banner is helping to your viewer to understand the category of your youtube channel, you have also seen, that popular youtube always keeps a good banner for their youtube channel

banner helps to make a professional channel, somewhere it helping to increase subscribers of your channel.

a good banner gives a good look to your channel and somewhere helping with promotion.

Create Youtube Banner Free 2023

for making a good youtube banner we will use Canva, this is a very popular platform where you can make a professional banner for your youtube channel, most of the YouTubers make their banners from this platform.

let’s know how you to make a good youtube banner with the help of canva

How you to make a good youtube banner Step By Step

  1. For this, you need to visit Canva website or install Canva app on your mobile
  2. Create an account or log in with a Google account
  3. After visiting Canva search in the bar ” youtube banner”
  4. New Window will open and there you will have templates.
  5. Select a template or for a custom template click the pulse icon.
  6. Upload logo if you have already a logo for the banner or design a new one with the help of Canva tools
  7. after completing the design then click to download

above I have told you in a short summary if you want to get to know in detail, each and every points then have a look below steps with pictures.

Step1. – To make a youtube banner in Canva first of all, you will have to visit the website ( of Canva or you can download the application on your mobile, search in the web browser or app store “Canva” as you can see below image.

Screenshot 2023 06 14 144542

Image Source – Google

Step.2 – After visiting the Canva website or installing the application, you will have to create an account in Canva, this will be absolutely free, you can create an account with the help of your email id if you have already logged in with your Gmail id then you just simply click to “continue with google” as you can see below image.

Screenshot 2023 06 14 145029

Image Source – Canva

Step.3 – After logging, you will have a dashboard where you will have categories and templates, for youtube thumbnail template search in the bar “youtube banner” as you can see below.

Screenshot 2023 06 14 142827

Image Source – Canva

Step.4 – a new page will open where you will have different types of Youtube banner templates, you can choose according to your requirement or you can create a custom YouTube banner template, for a custom thumbnail click to pulse icon as you can see in the image.

Screenshot 2023 06 14 145648

Image Source – Canva

Step.5 – After selecting the custom Youtube banner template, you will have a white youtube banner board, if you have any logo for your banner then you can upload or create a new one with the help of all the tools like -text, element, brand hub, draw etc., you can make a beautiful and attractive Youtube banner for your youtube channel.

Step.6 – After completing the design of the youtube banner, its time to download the banner so for this click on the share button right side of the top, select the file format for your youtube banner, and click to download option Your youtube banner will be you can see below image.

Screenshot 2023 06 14 150246

Image Source – Canva

Make A Good Youtube Banner


in this article, we have told about how to make a good youtube banner, if you like this article then share this with your friends and family members.

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